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C&D Print are a dedicated team of print professionals
based in Camden Town, London.

With our extensive range of print and finishing facilities, we are able to achieve the best results from our designs or your supplied artwork. The production team can utilise the equipment and their skills to produce the print product of your choice, no matter how big or small. Because we care, and aim for the very best in every job, we've earned the trust of all our clients from the small business to the giants such as Selfridges, Diesel, MTV, Ted Baker, Zara Hadid, King's College and the Natural History Museum ... we are your boutique printer without the boutique price tag.

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Five minutes walk from Camden Town Underground Station and just round the corner from Camden Road Overground, makes same day deliveries inexpensive and turnaround times even faster!

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+44 (0)20 7284 3008
17-19 Bonny St, London, NW1 9PE
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providing artwork
We use a wide variety of output devices to complete printed work, the majority of devices print using a CMYK colour space. If you need to supply your origination using the RGB colour space please advise us in advance to ensure optimum printed results.
Images should be CMYK and a resolution of 300dpi . Black and White (Mono) files can be either Greyscale or CMYK, if CMYK ensure they are neutral in colour balance. When converting from RGB image file in Photoshop or when creating a PDF from your design program, select the 'ISO Coated V2', profile, this profile is suitable for many printing devices.
Page Layout Documents
Layout designs should be prepared to the final page size plus a 3mm allowence for bleed. All colours used in the layout should be set to print CMYK, special colours using Pantone colours can be specified as spot colours or switched to CMYK. Do NOT change the name of any Pantone colour swatches used within the layout. Supply all graphic files and fonts used within the document. For the best results solid black areas should be made up of the following CMYK breakdown C60 M50 Y50 K100.
PDF Documents
Print Ready' PDF's must be as single pages with 3mm bleed and printers trim marks applied.The page must be centrally located within the PDF. Do NOT include file information tags that cause the printed page area to be off centre. Ensure all required fonts are embedded.
For professional designers who understand bleed, please skip this bullet point...Bleed is the area of artwork that has to be extended beyond the page size. Printed material requires additional image area to trim off so any image or colour panel that extends to the page edge will be cut flush without any white edges. A standard 3mm of area is required on each edge, thats an extra 6mm to the width and height of the document, for example: A4 Paper = 210mm x 297mm, + 3mm bleed all round Total Document Size = 216mm x 303mm.
File Delivery
Artwork files that are too big to deliver via e-mail can be sent by an online delivery service. We can send out a link to our Hightail service or accept a link from your own file delivery provider.
On request a PDF proof will be supplied back to you for approval of content before printing.
our mission statement

"To produce excellent print with the least wastage, whilst using the most Eco friendly materials possible to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum."

eco policy
C & D Print Media Ltd. are lithographic and digital printers operating in a 5,500 sq ft railway arch office in Camden, North London. We primarily produce printed matter for a wide range of clientele in related and non-related industries. We have identified the primary environmental impact of our business to be our electricity consumption and volume of waste paper produced. We wish to demonstrate to our current / future customers and staff our intentions to reduce our carbon footprint.
By monitoring our electricity consumption, we will reduce our carbon footprint by introducing new working practices and updating of equipment.

By monitoring our general and recyclable waste, we aim to improve our recycling performance.

C & D Print will comply with all of it’s relevant legal obligations.

We will continue to monitor and review on a six monthly basis both electricity consumption and waste / recycling. Our staff have been briefed and are reminded by displayed notices as to how they can help reduce are carbon footprint. Our target in the first year is to reduce our carbon footprint (beyond our current achievements) by 10% now that we are monitoring our consumption.

We will look to highlight any working practices / activities that affect are carbon footprint unnecessarily and implement a plan to reduce or eliminate them. We will monitor are general waste to see if any of it can be added to are recycle list.

The Directors will discuss and review our progress every six months. All members of staff will be consulted at that time and the results posted on our web site.

A copy of this policy has been issued to all staff members and also posted on our website.

This policy has been drawn up and will be reviewed every six months by the five Directors of C & D Print. Six monthly reviews will be communicated to all staff members and posted on our website.